libdatrie 0.2.5 Released

Changes from 0.2.4

  • Fix missing 'extern "C"' in header file. [Patch from Aurimas Černius]
  • Minor documentation fix.


ThaiFonts-Scalable 0.4.17 Released

Changes from 0.4.16

  • Build-depends on ThaiLaTeX and uses the shared resource from there.
  • Supports automated distributed ZIP preparation for CTAN upload.
  • Other cleanups.


ThaiFonts-Arundina 0.1.3 Released

Changes from 0.1.2

  • Drop unneeded build-dependency on xfonts-utils
  • Add LaTeX fonts generation, and 'fonts-arundina' package for use in LaTeX documents. To enable it, use --enable-latex configure option.


ThaiLaTeX 0.4.6 Released

Changes from 0.4.5

  • Remove fonts and provide them directly from thaifonts-scalable source package.
  • No more build-dependency on TeX font utils and Ghostscript.
  • Build-dependency on swath/cttex is now optional.


ThaiFonts-Scalable 0.4.16 Released

Changes from 0.4.15

  • Fix GSUB rules to correctly remove YO YING descender when combined with both lower and upper characters, e.g. ญุ่นปี่, ขฺญุํ.
  • Legacy X font dir creation, and thus build-dependency on xfonts-utils, is now optional. To enable it, use --enable-xfontsdir configure option.
  • Add LaTeX fonts generation, based on ThaiLaTeX implementation. To enable it, use --enable-latex configure option. Fonts will be removed from ThaiLaTeX soon.


scim-thai 0.1.2 Released

Changes from 0.1.1

  • Update gettext support using autopoint.
  • Fix compiling error when libthai is installed in non-standard location.
  • Improve linker flags handling.



ac33b24f949245f7c9971a21e7a4e570  scim-thai-0.1.2.tar.gz


$ svn co \

gtk-im-libthai-0.2.0 Released

Changes from 0.1.5

  • Ported to GTK+ 3 (GTK+ 2 is still supported in the mean time)
  • Fix bug with level 3 and level 5 keys


MD5 Sums:

12d8ad4afc2d538fe0eaccd80675779a  gtk-im-libthai-0.2.0.tar.gz


$ svn co \

ThaiFonts-Arundina 0.1.2 Released

Changes from 0.1.1

  • Add ZWSP, ZWNJ, ZWJ, LRM, RLM glyphs
  • Correct widths for Sans Mono
  • Correct Thai ligatures RUEE, LUEE and FONGMAN-FANNU


LibThai 0.1.15 Released

Changes from 0.1.14

  • Updated word break dictionary.

Contributors for this version

  • Widhaya Trisarnwadhana


ThaiLaTeX 0.4.5 Released

Changes from 0.4.4

  • Update fonts from thaifonts-scalable 0.4.15, changes include:
    • Improved Latin glyphs in garuda
    • Overlap-free Thai glyphs in ttypist
    • Bug fixes in Purisa (clean wrong ligature and fix glyph name)
  • Correct positioning of THANTHAKHAT and NIKHAHIT over long-ascender Thai glyphs.
  • Support for high MAITAIKHU (e.g. in Kuy) and high NIKHAHIT (e.g. in Pali).
  • Add \textpali{} command for Pali-Sanskrit text with descender-less YO YING and THO THAN.
  • Add "tis620" inputenc option for proper Pali-Sanskrit support.
  • Adjust translation for \refname from "หนังสืออ้างอิง" to "เอกสารอ้างอิง".
  • CTAN package is now in ZIP format by default, as preferred by Windows users.
  • Outdated and unmaintained RPM spec is now removed.


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